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Aug 30, 2019

No matter how many years pass by or how much each of us change, the past stays constant. It remains to be the one thing we can only dream of changing or trying to do differently. And so for this episode, we thought, "Why not wonder and wander about the past?"

Come with us as we go back to the place where we encountered...

Aug 15, 2019

The first impression is always considered important in business. It can make or break a transaction, a deal, and even a career. But when it comes to creating lasting partnerships and relationships, how much does it really matter?

For episode 3, we took a trip down the memory lane to share our first impressions on each...

Aug 3, 2019

In this journey called life, we encounter words, moments, and principles that encourage, inspire, and guide us through challenging experiences.

For our second episode, we share our words to live by and the guiding principles that have been helping us in our individual self-discovery. With unexpected revelations, join us...